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The Westminster Confession of Faith is perhaps the most notable expression in creedal form of the truths of the Bible. It was the work of that assembly of divines which was called together by Parliament and met in London, at Westminster Abbey, during the years 1643 - 1648. It was this assembly which also produced the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. The Confession and the Catechisms are used by many Churches as their doctrinal standards, subordinate to the Word of God. The text of the Confession as given on the following pages is in the form adopted by the Bible Presbyterian Church in 1938.

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Authors: Timothy Tow & Jeffrey Khoo
ISBN: 981-04-0076-4


This book offers an introductory study of the nature of God and His Word. It also exposes the unbelief of Westcott and Hort, and the corruption of modern versions and study Bibles.

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Author: S H Tow
ISBN: 981-04-0524-3
Publisher: King James Productions

– A Biblical Perspective of Modern English Bibles

Today Modem Versions have all but replaced the Good Book, the King James Bible. Through years of propaganda and media persuasion, aided by the smoke-screen of “language and readability,” Christendom has been converted to Modern Bible Versions as more accurate, readable and understandable, and trustworthy, than the KJB.

Beyond Versions is a Biblical perspective of the multiplicity of versions confronting the Church today. Vital issues are at stake. To see the deeper conflict the smoke-screen of “language and readability” must be removed by the penetrating searchlight of God’s Word.

The thrust of this book was to demonstrate, beyond reasonable doubt, that only one English version, the KJB fulfilled all the criteria of a BOOK that could be regarded as GOD’S WORD, and without mistake since it is a very accurate and faithful translation of God’s inspired and preserved words in the “original languages.”

Author: Jeffrey Khoo
ISBN: 981-04-1671-7

– Doctrine of Church Purification and Preservation

Biblical separation (ie, the separation of the church and its members from unbelief, apostasy, and compromise) is a much neglected doctrine today. It is disturbing to note that most of the major or popular theology textbooks written in this century fail to discuss it systematically. Those that do discuss it either treat it superficially or view it negatively. A look at the Systematic Theologies currently available will bear this out. (If discussed, it is usually done under Ecclesiology, ie, Doctrine of the Church.)

The absence of the doctrine of separation in most of the Systematic Theologies is unfortunate. The apostasy of mainline denominational churches today might be due to a lack of appreciation for this vital doctrine. This work thus seeks to study the neglected doctrine of separation from a biblical perspective by presenting and commenting on the texts that propound it from Genesis to Revelation.

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Author: Gary Cohen
ISBN: 981-00-8461-7

– A Biblical Critique of Ten New Evangelical Arguments

Dr Gary Cohen’s Biblical Separation Defended published in 1966 is now reprinted with a new look and format. In his book, Dr Cohen ably exposes the doctrinal and practical errors of neo-evangelical cooperative evangelism which compromises the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are looking for biblical answers to the common neo-evangelical arguments leveled against ecclesiastical separation, this book will be of invaluable help.

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