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Homegoing of the Rev Dr Timothy Tow,
Founding Pastor of the True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church

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PastorThe Truth How We Are Now Become True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church

In Vol. I No. 43 of our Weekly dated 25 July 2004 last week it was reported “The new name of our Church is gazetted True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church”. How have we now become True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church began like this.

At a Faculty Meeting of Far Eastern Bible College Rev Colin Wong and Rev Charles Seet my two Assistant Pastors at Life B-P Church declared they could no longer take the Dean Burgon Oath of swearing allegiance to the Bible to be without mistake to the last syllable and letter. They said they had discovered some mistakes but these did not affect doctrine and were not serious.

Since this College has required absolute allegiance to the Bible since the seventies I gladly let them resign.

In order to protect the good name of FEBC I declared the Bible to be 100% perfect without any mistake.

As the Session of Life B-P Church took their side it turned out I had to resign from the Church to stand for a 100% Perfect Bible without mistake.

In the first week of October 03 the Lord provided us an Auditorium of RELC, situated near to Shangri-La Hotel, and under the name of FEBC we launched out as FEBC Lord’s Day Service at RELC. We took time to apply for registration as Word of Life or alternative True Life.

Since there is a Christian organisation already registered, the authorities let us use True Life and gazetted it as reported 25 July 04 last week.

Doctrine in the belief of a 100% Perfect Bible without any mistake and doctrine of belief in a Bible with some mistakes but not serious since they don’t touch doctrine resulted in our leaving Life B-P Church to start this service since first week of October 03. Now there are 300 worshipping at RELC and we have booked with RELC for another year.

This is the truth how it all started.

* * *
Dean Burgon Oath

I swear in the Name of the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit that I believe “the Bible is none other than the voice of Him that sitteth upon the throne. Every book of it, every chapter of it, every verse of it, every word of it, every syllable of it, every letter of it, is direct utterance of the Most High. The Bible is none other than the Word of God, not some part of it more, some part of it less, but all alike the utterance of Him that sitteth upon the throne, faultless, unerring, supreme.” So help me God, AMEN.

Your affectionate pastor
Pastor Timothy Tow

1 August 2004


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