The Far Eastern Bible College Press has published over 50 works mostly authored by the faculty. All the books below are published by the FEBC Press and authored by the Principal - Rev Dr. Timothy Tow - unless otherwise stated. For books which are available for downloads, permission should be sought in writing (febc@febc.edu.sg) if any of these books are copied for distribution; but if cited in research papers or theses, proper acknowledgement of source is expected.

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Pastoral Ministry

Editors: Christopher Tan & Joycelyn Chng
ISBN: 978-981-11-2548-5
Publisher: True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church

Heavenly Melodies:
Hymns, Choruses & Verses of Timothy Tow

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Author: Timothy Tow
ISBN: 981-04-1286-X


McIntire Maxims is a new name I’ve given to Freedom Is My Business, “a book of quotations compiled on the occasion of Dr. Carl McIntire’s 50th Anniversary in the Bible Presbyterian Church of Collingswood, New Jersey, October 1, 1933 to October 2, 1983 ...

As a disciple of Dr. McIntire, I have taken the liberty to reprint this book of quotations. The observations of McIntire on the Bible, the Church, on Home and Nation and on the Philosophy of Life are gems that must be preserved for the new generation.” - by the author

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Author: Timothy Tow
ISBN: 981-04-0886-2


My Homiletic Swimming Pool is a textbook on the art of preaching by the Principal of Far Eastern Bible College. Homiletics made lively!

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Editors: Roger Sherman Galer & Timothy Tow
ISBN: 981-04-5406-6


By studying O.T. Law classified as in Modern Legal Systems through our Scripture Annotations, the student will see it clearly portrayed, and marvel at the balanced justice given by the hand of Moses. Christ came not to improve on Moses’ Law but to correct the erroneous interpretation by the Scribes thereof. Therefore we have called the Law of Moses the Law of Jesus.

Since the Old Testament Law is God’s Law you will find how man’s laws have fallen short of Divine Justice. You will study the Statutes and Judgments of the Hebrews at length, that you may use these principles for judging altercation between contending members in your church. This is a book for pastors, elders and matured members of the church.

Without the classification, the student of these laws will often be left wandering in the woods.

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Author: Jason Linn
Translator: Timothy Tow
ISBN: 981-00-9147-8


“At a time when Indonesia is never so open to Christian missions, the publication of the English translation by Dr Timothy Tow of Rev Jason Linn’s Pioneering in Dyak Borneo is truly timed of the Lord .... Just as hundreds who read the Chinese original thriller have been inspired with missionary zeal, so is it expected that equally many who read the English translation will be so interested in winning souls for Christ that through them the cause of missions will be further advanced in the yet unevangelised parts not only of Indonesia, but of other parts of the world.” Rev Dr Quek Kiok Chiang, Pastor, Faith Bible-Presbyterian Church, Singapore.

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Author: Timothy Tow
ISBN: 9971-991-32-2


The author shares through many amusing anecdotes on finding the assurance of salvation, having a successful marriage, and maintaining a satisfying career. This book is for all who desire to pursue happiness and youthfulness in this life.

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Author: Timothy Tow


As one traversed holy ground, Bible in hand, often “walking today where Jesus walked”, O what stirrings of soul and heart! The songs and verses in this collection are a faithful recording of those sublime feelings, and of illumination from further meditation upon the Word. In this connection sacred music has helped not a little to spark the spontaneity of thoughts and words (II King 3:15). Included in this booklet, however, are some verses that have appeared in an earlier Anthology as well as a few translations and selections.

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Christian Theology Biblical Studies Church History Pastoral Ministry


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