The Far Eastern Bible College Press has published over 50 works mostly authored by the faculty. All the books below are published by the FEBC Press and authored by the Principal - Rev Dr. Timothy Tow - unless otherwise stated. For books which are available for downloads, permission should be sought in writing (febc@febc.edu.sg) if any of these books are copied for distribution; but if cited in research papers or theses, proper acknowledgement of source is expected.

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Christian Theology

Author: Jeffrey Khoo
ISBN: 981-04-8573-5
Publisher: Bible Witness Literature Ministry

– Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About the KJV and its Underlying Texts

This book covers Questions on the King James Version, Inspiration and Preservation of Scripture, Foreign Language Bibles and the Modern Versions and difficult verses. It concludes with an Appendix on “Understanding KJV English”.

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Author: Timothy Tow
ISBN: 9971-991-28-4


An exciting book on the imminent coming of Jesus the Messiah as well as a portrayal of the wanderings and persecutions of Jews under Hitler. It warns of the next prophecy involving Planet Earth in a Third World War, climaxing in the Battle of Armageddon.

“This study of Israel should stir the hearts of God’s people all over the world. It is rich in Biblical references; and it also provides very helpful perspectives on Israel’s tragic, yet divinely-guided history from the call of Abraham to the crises of the present hour.” Dr John C Whitcomb, former professor of OT, Grace Theological Seminary.

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Author: Timothy Tow
ISBN: 9971-991-23-3


The sovereign will of God from the reformed perspective can be classified under the following headings: (1) Directive, (2) Cooperative, (3) Punitive, (4) Preceptive, (5) Permissive (6) Desiderative, (7) Decretive. A must read for those interested in knowing God’s Will. This book is the crystallisation of the author’s many years of teaching theology at the Far Eastern Bible College.

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Author: Timothy Tow
ISBN: 9971-991-15-2


“The book was originally compiled as a scholarly critique of the attitude of many ‘popular’ dispensationalists to the Law of Moses and also the Psalms. Its value will be obvious from a glance at the Table of Contents, which literally bristles with topics of vital interest to Bible students. Dr Tow examines the grounds on which many dispensationalists reject the Moral Law of Moses, and with clear and powerful arguments he shows that the Reformed position is scripturally correct.” Dr Peter Masters, The Metropolitan Tabernacle (Spurgeon’s), London.

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Author: Timothy Tow
ISBN: 981-04-1071-9


The writing of this book is primarily to restate and reinforce the B-P Church’s position on Israel. … Besides the main issue of Israel’s Restoration, questions like whether a woman can speak in Church and the singing only of Psalms in Worship also cropped up. These questions, big and small, are answered herein, and much more. To tell all that are necessary for Bible-Presbyterians to learn and relearn, from Hyper-Calvinism to Charismatism, from Westcott and Hort to the King James Bible, I have decided to weave the doctrines of our Church around my own life-experiences. Hence, “The Story of My Bible-Presbyterian Faith”.

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Christian Theology Biblical Studies Church History Pastoral Ministry


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