1. Write to the College (febc@febc.edu.sg) to request for the application form, or it may be downloaded from www.febc.edu.sg.
  2. Complete the application form (in English), and submit it with the application fee ($50, non-refundable) plus the following documents:
    1. Official certificates and transcripts from educational institutions attended from secondary or high school upwards. International applicants are to ensure that all foreign language certificates and transcripts are translated into English, and certified true by a notary public.
    2. Handwritten testimony of salvation experience.
    3. Handwritten testimony of call to full-time Christian service, or reason for wanting to study in FEBC.
    4. Letters of Recommendation from two referees who may be pastors, elders, deacons, or men of good standing in the church. Members of an applicant’s family and students of FEBC are not acceptable as referees.
    5. Proof of financial support from a sponsoring church (letter of sponsorship) or individual (bank statement).
    6. International applicants whose native language is other than English are to show documentary proof (eg, TOEFL, IELTS, or educational transcripts) of proficiency in the English language. FEBC requires international students without proof of English proficiency to take a mandatory English Proficiency Test on the day of matriculation.
    7. A medical officer’s report certifying physical fitness (international applicants).
  3. Applications must reach the admissions office by January 1 for admission in the July semester, and by July 1 for the January semester.
  1. International students are encouraged to apply to the College. Applicants must submit their application forms and all required documents.
  2. The College shall process the application once it is received. It takes about two weeks to process the application.
  3. If the application is successful, the College will send to the prospective student:
    1. a letter of offer, and
    2. student pass application forms (downloadable from www.ica.gov.sg).
    3. The prospective student is to submit the following forms and documents to the College:
      1. Form 16, V36, V39S, in duplicate.
      2. Two recent passport-size photographs.
      3. Passport pages showing full particulars including passport expiry date (photocopy).
      4. Birth certificate (notarised or certified true, and translated if not in English).
      5. Marriage certificate if the student is married (notarised or certified true, and translated if not in English).
      6. Educational certificates and transcripts (notarised or certified true, and translated if not in English).
      7. Medical Report.
  4. The student pass application forms must be returned duly completed and signed. Incomplete forms or documents will NOT be accepted for processing. Student pass applicants are hereby warned that it is an offence under the Immigration Act to make any false statement, representation or declaration in connection with their student pass application.
  5. The College will submit the completed student pass application and documents to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on behalf of the prospective student. It takes the ICA about four weeks to process the application.
  6. Once the student pass is approved, the new student is required to report to the College a week before the new semester commences.
  7. Important: The new student is required to bring with him all original documents to be presented to the ICA for verification before the student pass is issued.

Click here to download the application form